Local Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

In this week's episode, we spotlighted three local makers, artists, and designers that you can support this holiday season.

Tinsy Thoughts is a brand that seeks to inspire self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, and self-confidence,

while normalizing the use of gender pronouns. The brand was founded by Nebraska-based writer, designer, and artist Rowena Cage.

Because tinsy thoughts spark cosmic creations!


Milk & Daisy is an apparel brand founded by first

grade educator Meg Rutledge, in her home, during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can shop Milk & Daisy this Friday using the promo code FRIYAY to receive 30% off your purchase.

Visit Milk & Daisy at www.milkanddaisy.com

Founded by Charlotte Cox Blackstone, Growl & Grace is an inclusive apparel brand that strives to remind us all to seek an intuitive balance of our energies and find the things that ignite our passions to bring us back to our center. The brand can be dressed up, down, or anywhere in between. This holiday season, use the promo code HOLIDAY to receive 25% off of your entire purchase. Free shipping applies to any order over $50.

Shop Growl & Grace at www.growlandgrace.com

Share your favorite small business for us to support!

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