The Art of Censorship

Updated: Feb 7

In the latest episode of ohMahART!, we welcomed internationally recognized

multi-disciplinary artist Bart Vargas. Bart is no stranger to the woes of social media censorship, having been kicked out and banned from four Facebook art groups over the course of the last two years. His daily drawings, which have now hit day 814, have been the topic of many conversations around the limits and barriers of artistic expression and the internet.

Day 800. "To report this drawing please call one, eight hundred!!!", Bart Vargas, 2021.
Day 807. "I thought my owners only burned crosses and books...", Bart Vargas, 2021.

While Bart does address politics, and our social constructs, he does not create work that promotes hate and malice, which he believes to be the boundaries that artists should not cross in their practice.

With his daily drawings, Bart has received fan art from supporters who have been encouraged to practice their own drawing techniques. He has also inspired his "haters" to create works in the form of badly recreated images of Bart himself, partnered with mean words depicting Bart as a lazy anarchist.

"Hi, I'm Bart Vargas and I shit on war heroes even though I haven't done shit with my life.", a Bart Vargas hater, 2021.

Listen to this week's episode and then you decide the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the limits to what an artist can create?

  • Who decides those limits?

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